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Nosco Announces Purchase of Karlville Pouching Machine

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Continues commitment to customers through complete solution for flexible packaging product line.

Nosco recently announced that it will purchase a Karlville KS-DSUP-400 Pouching Machine for its flexible packaging operation in Carrollton, Texas. Through this investment, the company will gain the ability to control the entire manufacturing process for its flexible packaging product line from sourcing through to pouch converting. This seamlessly aligns with Nosco’s Time Matters initiatives of best-in-class service for both cycle time and on time delivery.

In July of 2019, Nosco entered the digital flexible packaging space to deliver secure, consistent and sustainable printed packaging to its customers. This was accomplished through the purchase of an HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press and Karlville Pack Ready Laminator. The addition of the Karlville KS-DSUP-400 Pouching Machine will continue these efforts, while allowing for short runs and quick turns on the converting of:

  • 2-Side-Seal Pouches with Optional Zipper
  • 3-Side-Seal Pouches with Optional Zipper
  • Stand-Up Pouches with Optional Zipper

“I am pleased to announce that even in these unique times, we are able to move forward with the purchase of the Karlville poucher,” said Craig Curran, Nosco President. “By bringing our pouching capabilities in-house, we will further expand into the flexible packaging space, while remaining competitive and keeping service levels high.”

The compact, single-lane pouching machine is expected to be fully operational at Nosco’s Carrollton, Texas facility by September 1, 2020.

To learn more about Nosco’s digital flexible packaging capabilities visit or contact Nosco’s Flexible Packaging General Manager, Glenn Jones, at (817) 513-9206.

To learn more about the Karlville KS-DSUP-400 Pouching Machine, visit:

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