RFID Labels

Designed to meet the growing requirements for radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in packaging, our RFID labels can fulfill your needs both now and in the future. Whether you aim to enhance patient safety with RFID-enabled printed packaging, reliably track products in retail or clinical environments, or meet the RFID labeling standards of Walmart, Sam’s Club and other major retailers, Nosco has you covered.

The Nosco Difference

Nosco’s Solutions Engineering team will partner with you to make the RFID specification process as easy and seamless as possible. Whether you have a spec in mind, or need our help in developing and perfecting it, our team of experts will support you through design, specification, inlay placement, evaluation and testing, including cGMP compliance and ultra high frequency (UHF).

Nosco stands out in the market by offering the ability to integrate RFID technology into current product label specs. Plus, our labeling engineers are well-versed in addressing the technicalities of RFID integration for a variety of applications. 


UHF Benefits

Ultra high frequency (UHF) inlays have a frequency of 860 to 960 MHz. This allows for read distances of up to 10 feet. Some of the other notable benefits of UHF label inlays include: 

  • Case and pallet orientation
  • Less costly
  • Global UHF technology
  • Metal and/or liquid sensitive 
  • Orientation sensitive 

Take your packaging to the next level.