The perfect carton
to meet your needs.

Nosco provides a wide variety of styles and structural designs for your folding cartons. Let’s collaborate to design packaging that achieves the fit, form and function to protect your products.


Folding Cartons You Can Trust

From start to finish, Nosco will design, develop and produce cartons that reflect your brand’s quality and personality, ensuring that your packaging stands out on the shelf. Partner with Nosco and receive an entire team devoted to developing a color-accurate folding carton project – no matter your run size or folding carton style: 

Standard Reverse Tuck (SRT)

Standard Straight Tuck (SST)

French Reverse Tuck (FRT)

Airplane Style Tuck (AST)

Tuck Top Auto Bottom (TTAB)

Seal End


Countertop POP Display

Mailers + Shippers by Nosco

We’re on a mission to build better direct-to-consumer mailers and shippers. Better for your customer experience. Better for the environment. Better for your product. No matter your mission, MSHN Packaging has you covered.



Lit-a-Sure is a streamlined packaging solution that combines both cartons and inserts. This enables increased line speeds, reduced complexity and the assurance that every carton has the correct insert attached.  


Carded Packaging

Nosco offers functional and attractive ways to protect, display and promote your products through a variety of carded packaging options. Safeguard contents with tamper-proof seals, blistered plastics and more.


Protect your products and promote your brand with this strong and flexible alternative to blister pack. StretchPak maximizes your product display area, while maintaining an ultra-tough enclosure.  



Partner with Nosco on your next regiment or multi-component kit. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to design a cohesive and visually appealing kit to house your cartons, labels, inserts, flexible packaging and more.

Group 58

Sustainable Cartons


Nosco offers a wide variety of sustainable solutions to help our customers achieve their environment, health and safety goals. Incorporate our Nosco® Grow sustainable material portfolio into your next printed packaging project or product launch.  

Inline Foiling

Elevate your product presentation with foiling techniques that add luxe to your folding cartons. Whether you're looking for a sleek metallic finish or a fun holographic effect, Nosco's foiling expertise will ensure your cartons stand out on the shelf. 



Incorporate windowing to give consumers a glimpse into your folding cartons that shows them the quality and freshness of your product with or without film. Nosco's strategically placed windowing solutions offer a clear view of the contents within, all while maintaining the structural integrity and product protection your brand desires. 



Add dimension and tactile appeal to your folding cartons through Nosco's expert embossing techniques. From subtle textural design elements to bold raised features, Nosco's embossing and debossing solutions will bring your packaging to life. 


Take your packaging to the next level.