Streamline your packaging line with Lit-a-Sure.

Lit-a-Sure offers an innovative packaging solution by seamlessly combining your cartons and inserts. The result? An integrated packaging solution that enables increased line speeds, reduced complexity and the assurance that every carton has the correct insert attached.


Your All-in-One Solution

Ready to make Lit-a-Sure work for your business and "wow" your operations leaders? Benefit from a reduction in incoming quality inspections, purchase orders / invoices and SKUs – all by 50%.

A Combination Packaging Solution That Works

As an integrated solution that incorporates both folding cartons and printed inserts, Lit-a-Sure offers brands a a number of benefits and efficiencies. 


  • Eliminates make-ready for package insertion device
  • Reduces labor costs and allows for employee redeployment
  • Eliminates hand insertion labor
  • Reduces maintenance costs for package insertion device
  • Simplifies in-plant reconciliation practices
  • Increases packaging speed by reducing bottlenecks and downtime
  • Improves line output up to 30% per minute
  • Reduces the number of components to manage in production
  • Assures 100% barcode verification of both the insert and carton
  • Reduces packaging and product waste

Take your packaging to the next level.