Own your future with a career at Nosco.

As employee owners, we are all united – working together to provide the highest quality products and services to help grow the business and increase shareholder value. 


Employee Ownership and the ESOP

The Holden Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is shared between Holden Industries and its subsidiaries, which puts both the beneficial ownership and control of the company in the hands of employees. This means that virtually all of our employees own the business, and therefore, have a vested interested in the success of our customers. This is accomplished through the company’s ESOP.

Grow Your Wealth With Nosco

In August of 2007, an important milestone in Holden’s history was announced: the opportunity for all employees to acquire beneficial ownership in the company. Later that year, the company provided all eligible employees the opportunity to invest funds from their existing qualified retirement accounts to form the ESOP. As a result, over 600 eligible employees made an election to invest, including employees from Nosco


About the ESOP

An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan, similar to a profit sharing or 401(k) plan. It not only helps give employees a step up when planning for the future, but also fosters employee morale, and helps attract and retain talent through beneficial ownership.

How does an ESOP work?

All ESOP assets (stock) are held in a trust. This is a legal entity that holds the shares of stock on behalf of employee owners. The trust has individual accounts for each employee owner’s benefit. Holding the shares in a trust ensures the value of the shares remains non-taxable until the employee owner retires or otherwise ends their employment with the company. The value of the stock is determined annually and is based on company performance, among other factors. Daily employee contributions to the company are directly related to the value of the stock price!


How do employees obtain beneficial ownership?

Today, employee owners may obtain beneficial ownership in the ESOP through:

  • Annual Employer Profit Sharing
  • Occasional Buy-In Opportunities

Offerings like these continue the company’s philosophy of keeping the ownership and control of Holden’s future in the hands of its employees.


Making a Difference

Alongside Holden Industries, Nosco believes in upholding our ongoing commitment to environmental, health and safety initiatives. This commitment reflects our proactive stance in taking responsibility for the impact of our actions in the communities in which we operate.

In addition to these efforts, we are proud to highlight our ongoing dedication to community support and engagement. Through established giving campaigns and proactive initiatives at each of our facilities, Nosco's employee owners address the varying needs of their surrounding communities.