Child-resistant / senior-friendly (CRSF) packaging made easy.

Searching for a proven printed packaging provider to help you comply with requirements for child-resistant / senior-friendly packaging? You’ve come to the right place. 


Innovative Solutions at Your Fingertips

Nosco's Solutions Engineering team is well equipped with turn-key solutions and pre-defined specifications to serve your brand. Whether you need to quickly choose a solution or build a custom spec for your unique product, our team can rapidly get your product to market with safety and compliance in mind.

Pre-Certified Flexible Packaging Stand-Up Pouches

Nosco’s certified child-resistant flexible packaging portfolio undergoes third-party testing and is certified to meet the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, Title 16CFR1700.20 and ISO 17065 standards. This turn-key solution is available in a certified child-resistant and senior-friendly options across range of sizes. This proven solution includes child-resistant resealable press-to-close (PTC) zippers for multi-use packaging and gusseted bottoms for stand-up and large volume applications.


Custom Designed CRSF Flexible Packaging

Nosco’s Solutions Engineering specialists have proven CRSF material solutions ready to deploy. By collaborating with your product team, our Solutions Engineers and CAD structural design team work together to rapidly develop a solution that's ideal for your product's specific requirements. 


Take your packaging to the next level.