Put consumer convenience in
the bag.

Trends indicate that moving from plastic bottles to flexible pouches will gradually become the industry standard. Package and protect your products in pouches and bags by Nosco.


Elevate Your Brand

In today's ever-evolving marketplace, flexible pouches, bags and lay flats are taking center stage. Here are just a few reasons why you should make the switch from traditional packaging options to FlexPack

Convenient sizes to meet on-the-go demands.

Functional format for increased product usage.

Stand-out design for brand differentiation and shelf presence.

Unique user experience unlike other packaging on the market.


Flexible Formats

  • Stand Up Pouches
  • Lay Flat Pouches
  • Child-Resistant Pouches
  • Sustainable Pouches 
  • Stick Packs


  • Multi-Layer or Multi-Ply
  • Metallized Films and Aluminum Foils
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Films
  • Sealing Materials for Films, Foils and Laminates
  • Sustainable Options


  • Standard Press-to-Close
  • Powder Resistant
  • Child Resistant 

Finishing Options

Through Nosco’s digital printing expertise, pack-ready laminations and flexible packaging systems, our teams have the ability to:

Surface print and varnish during common converting processes.  

Surface print and laminate with standardized pack-ready films.  

Print economical run sizes that accommodate nearly 90% of flexible packaging format sizes.  

Optimize the construction of materials and build flexible materials through the use of solventless lamination. 


Nosco is a proud member of the Flexible Packaging Association.
Plus, our FlexPack materials are converted and printed in the USA.


Take your packaging to the next level.