Mailers + Shippers by Nosco

Get your brand back with MSHN Packaging.

Imagine being able to control your overall direct-to-consumer (D2C or DTC) brand experience – all while driving increased revenue, profits and margins. With Mailers + Shippers by Nosco – you can! Let's take your D2C program to the next level with MSHN Packaging.


Better DTC Mailers + Shippers

We’re on a mission to build better direct-to-consumer mailers and shippers. Better for your customer experience. Better for the environment. Better for your product. No matter your mission, MSHN Packaging (pronounced mis·sion pack·ag·ing) has you covered.

Save over 16% on your direct-to-consumer (D2C) packaging while improving your customer experience. Read our official announcement or download our whitepaper below.


Fully-Customizable D2C Packaging Styles


Mission Ready Packaging

​Thoughtfully designed and produced from sustainably forested and recyclable materials, MSHN Packaging is engineered to meet the requirements of major freight and third-party logistics providers, which means you don’t have to worry about the packaging.

  • SHAPE: Right-sized, impactful opening and increased product protection.
  • BRANDING: Stealthy outside with your custom branding inside. 
  • MATERIAL: Sustainable SBS paperboard with up to 30% post-consumer content.

Take your D2C / DTC program to the next level. Request samples and custom prototypes today!