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Nosco has been the digital printing leader in healthcare packaging since 2004; printing over 8000 different SKUs and more than 500 million labels and cartons.

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Lower Costs and Reduce Cycle Times

Digital Printing cuts costs, reduces cycle time and minimizes process variation. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to significantly reduce or eliminate inventory and cost-effectively limits waste generated during make-ready or due to obsolescence.

Digital Printing eliminates printing plates and reduces make-ready, streamlining the printing process by reducing 13+ steps to three. Those three steps are:

  1. Create prepress files
  2. Print
  3. Finish (varnish, die-cut, add security and serialization features and inspect)

meet the hp indigo 30000 Digital Carton Press

Digital Printing produces 99%+ defect-free product with no smudging or out of registration issues. It eliminates consumables related to film and plates while offering superior print reproduction and shorter turnaround time with enhanced quality and consistency from run to run. Additionally, new HP Indigo digital features include:

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