Helping your brand and your products stand out.

Nosco provides printed packaging solutions that focus on connecting you to your consumer through quality printed packaging. Instantly communicate the values that are important to your natural health consumers with Nosco. 


Packaging Solutions That Work for You

At Nosco, we specialize in printed packaging that helps promote health and encourage happiness. Take advantage of our expert knowledge to help enhance your brand, solve a complex packaging problem or collaborate on the next best thing. 

Experience developing packaging solutions for healthcare markets (since 1906).

Continual reinvestment strategies to scale to support your growth needs.

Specification development to protect your brand.

Supply chain velocity for quick cycle times and launches.

Color management to make sure your brand is presented in the best light possible.

The ability to support your packaging needs now and as you grow.

Experience working with leading contract manufacturers and co-packers.

Active participation on the UNPA board, supporting the natural health industry.


Trusted by Leading Natural Health Brands

For years, Nosco has been a reliable partner, catering to emerging brands in the natural health market. These brands consistently turn to us, confident in our abilities to provide high-quality packaging with responsiveness and professionalism. Today, our customers trust that we have their back, allowing them to rest assured that their packaging will be crafted with precision and care.

A Smart Strategy for Your Brand

Using a deep understanding of packaging best practices and industry regulations, Nosco helps brands navigate the world of printed packaging for vitamins, minerals and supplements. Through our strategic approach, we help brands protect their identity and expand sales with compelling, accurate messaging and design. From color choices to the promotional language used, Nosco considers every important detail.


Colors That Pop

In the world of natural health, printed packaging serves as a direct reflection of your brand's core values and identity. Tap into Nosco's impressive color strategies and decorative capabilities to consistently catch the eye of consumers across all of your printed packaging components. No matter your printing method—digital, conventional or flexo—our team will ensure each piece boasts rich color and a perfect finish to help you stand out on store shelves.



Natural Health Segments We Serve

Vitamins & Minerals

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, guaranteeing the safety and authenticity of a product is paramount. Nosco's extensive experience working with natural health brands will help ensure that your vitamins and minerals are presented in packaging that not only meets rigorous regulatory standards but also promotes your brand well. From tamper-evident seals to anti-diversion solutions, we will help instill confidence in the authenticity of your products and authority of your brand.


Dietary Supplements

Reliability and trust are essential components in packaging design for dietary supplements. Nosco excels in providing approachable, yet professional packaging solutions that are tailored to meet the demands of this thriving market segment. Our packaging solutions are designed to clearly communicate the benefits / usage information of your product to enhance the customer experience.


Sports & Active Nutrition

In the fast-paced world of sports and active nutrition, packaging plays a critical role in capturing consumer attention. Present your products with clarity and precision through expertly crafted cartons, labels and flexible packaging. With options that appeal to an active lifestyle, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity, we have packaging options to meet every need.  


CBD & Hemp-Based Products

CBD and hemp-based products thrive on exceptional quality and brand recognition. At Nosco, we excel in capturing the essence of your brand through expertly crafted printed packaging solutions. To do so, our teams work to ensure that your packaging not only reflects the integrity of your product, but also commands attention, effectively communicates your message and exudes exceptional quality.


Take your packaging to the next level.

Let us put color and class into your design and help you build a lasting relationship with your natural health customers.