Convey product details and make an impact with your booklets.

Make the most of your budget with a variety of booklet styles that connect with consumers, promote your brand and tell your story.


A Powerful, High-Quality Marketing Tool

Partner with Nosco for quick turn stitched booklets for your next product launch, relaunch, educational campaign or medical device introduction. With over 118 years in the industry, and 20+ years in the commercial print space, we have the knowledge and expertise to execute your booklet collateral.

Binding Styles

There are a number of options available when considering binding styles for your booklets and marketing collateral. From simple and straight forward presentations to versatile and adaptable styles, we have a diverse range of binding solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.
Booklet_Fold_Saddle Stitched

Saddle stitched booklets consist of up to 100 pages that are stapled together along the spine using wire staples. 

Booklet_Fold_Perfect Bound

Perfect bound booklets consist of multiple pages with a wraparound cover glued at the spine resulting in a clean professional finish.

Booklet_Fold_Reference Drilled

A reference drilled booklet has holes drilled into it at the binding edge to allow for easy insertion into a binder. 


A folded booklet consists of multiple pages folded together from a single sheet of paper or multiple sheets. There are many folding options available.


  • Page Count: Divisible by four
  • Booklet Stitching: Up to 100 pages (100+, perfect bound) 
  • Width Limitations: 3.5" to 9" 
  • Height Limitations: 4" – 14"
  • Stitcher Limitations: 2-4 staples
  • Drilling Limitations:  2-3 holes at 5/16"

Looking for a unique configuration or have alternate specs? Connect with our Solutions Engineering team for a 1:1 consultation. 


Quality You Can Count On

Through our extensive history in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, you can count on Nosco to ensure your project is in compliance with FDA and other standard regulations. Our sound processes, procedures and documentation work to apply various regulations appropriately for printed packaging.


Get to Market Fast and Accurate

We know that speed to market matters. That’s why our team will print, fold, fulfill and deliver your stitched booklets in line with our Time Matters Promise™.


Take your packaging to the next level.