Show and sell with StretchPak.

Protect your products and promote your brand with this strong and flexible blister pack alternative.

Enhance Visibility and Durability

StretchPak maximizes your product display area, while maintaining an ultra-tough enclosure.


Brand Promotion

  • 360° product visibility puts your product on center stage
  • Increased marketing real estate with added visual dimension
  • Enhanced visual appeal with quality graphics and finishing

Product Versatility

  • Multiple design configurations – ideal for mass retailers and POP displays
  • Accommodates new product rollouts, multi-product packaging and GWPs
  • Printed to your brand’s unique specifications
  • Versatile construction allows for decorative enhancements, including: Foil stamping, UV coating, embossing and more

Product Protection

  • Tamper-proof design seals and safeguards contents
  • Secure windowing protects against contaminants
  • Minimized bottle and label damage with card and film combination

Sustainable, Vinyl-Free StretchPak Solutions

As the movement to reduce plastic continues to gain momentum, the packaging industry is experiencing a notable shift toward enhanced sustainability. Our sustainable StretchPak solutions stand at the forefront with vinyl-free EcoClear Film™, recyclable glue and up to 30% PCR paperboard. This combination delivers exceptional product protection, clarity and prioritizes environmental stewardship for brands across the country.

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Design Configurations

Looking for a unique configuration or have alternate specs? Connect with our Solutions Engineering team for a 1:1 consultation. 

Product Placement Options

Product Arrangement Configurations


Take your packaging to the next level.