Transforming packaging development.

Nosco's Rapid Packaging Development radically simplifies and shortens the process of developing new product packaging.


Rapid Packaging Development

After decades of helping companies launch new products, extend product lines and refresh the packaging around brand refreshes, we discovered a better way. To empower the new lean process, we built our very own Packaging Innovation Hub and Lab and added the latest in prototyping tools. The result? We met our goals of helping our clients accelerate and simplify the process. In fact, we've hosted some of the biggest brands at our Packaging Innovation Center. Today, what used to take weeks or months can be accomplished in one super-efficient visit to Nosco's Packaging Innovation Center.


How It Works

During your Rapid Packaging Development session, we will address the "problem," brainstorm ideas, iterate viable solutions and rapidly refine structures using our proven lean methods. At the end of the session, we will provide plain and printed samples for you to take back to the office for all of your secondary packaging components.

On average, our customers reduced their packaging development lead times by six weeks using our proven methods... making them the office hero. Watch this video to learn more. Then, schedule your very own session below.

Rapid Prototyping

On the subject of printed samples, the Nosco team can now produce photo-ready marketing samples in real time. Need them for your next tradeshow, e-commerce photoshoot, or investor and retailer pitch prior to launch?
With Rapid Samples, we have you covered.