We recognize that your time matters. It matters for launches, proofs, freight and many other areas – including our responsiveness for pricing and CAD design requests. Responsiveness is an important piece of our business, as we need to continually provide our customers with product and non-product items on a timely basis. Our goal is to provide your requests in two days or less – 95% of the time, and we’re on track.


In our first month alone since the launch of Time Matters, we were able to process:

  • 99% of your pricing requests in 2 days or less
  • 95% of your CAD requests in 2 days or less

Because we understand that these types of requests are vital to your business, we will continue to work to meet this level of responsiveness moving forward. Whether you are in purchasing, engineering, graphics or some other area, we want to make sure you are taken care of quickly, so you can support your internal customers as well.

Stay tuned for more information and releases on Time Matters throughout 2018!