Coming to a Screen Near You: New Online Proofing Capabilities at Nosco

June 16, 2021

Nosco is excited to announce a new feature available to all customers – online proofing and approvals. Customers now have new and improved collaboration tools to use to communicate with Nosco’s Graphic Services team that will allow for automatic proof approvals (with just a few clicks).

Gone are the days of manually printing a proof on a desktop printer, reviewing, signing, and then scanning it so it can be emailed back to your service professional. Now, you can review and approve proofs in just one click – quickly sending them off to your Nosco team. This not only speeds up proofing times, but also helps to get your packaging into production sooner.

 Want to make changes to your artwork? No problem. With our online editor, everything you need to do so is housed in one easy-to-use application. Our online proofing software gives customers the ability to easily mark up any PDF proof with comments and send the job back into the Graphic Services worklist. The customer and Graphic Services team can then easily work together to make sure that Nosco gets everything correct in less time and less proofing cycles. Plus, if you need to keep a file after approval for reference, you can still easily download the file for your records.

 The greatest thing with our new automated proofing process is that all customers can view our PDFs accurately in any browser. No more worrying about overprint settings or software inconsistencies. With access to the internet and a computer, tablet or even a mobile phone, customers can approve artwork without the need to install any additional software or programs.


We are currently onboarding new customers daily to our online portal, NoscoLink. Through NoscoLink and our new online proofing features, customers can see all orders and real time proofing statuses for each item.

 Contact your Account Manager today to learn more!

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