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Nosco Introduces Direct-to-Consumer-Focused Product Line: MSHN Packaging

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PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI – AUGUST 2, 2023 – Nosco, Inc., a subsidiary of Holden Industries, Inc., announced today a fresh take on mailers and shippers with its latest product line, MSHN Packaging (simply said "Mis·sion Pack·ag·ing"). Designed with a true commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, MSHN Packaging offers a diverse selection of thoughtfully crafted and expertly engineered mailers and shippers to elevate the direct-to-consumer experience. Each MSHN Packaging solution is tailored with unique features and benefits that were engineered to meet the requirements of major third-party logistics providers. The full MSHN Packaging product line includes four core configurations: MSHN Air Cell, MSHN Fold Over, MSHN Envelope and MSHN Multi-Pack.

“We are truly on a mission to build better direct-to-consumer mailers and shippers,” said Kyle Vlasak, General Manager of Strategic Initiatives at Nosco. “MSHN Packaging is not your every day, heavy corrugate box with another brand’s logo. These mailers and shippers are better for the customer experience, the environment and the product inside.”

MSHN Packaging provides an innovative approach to traditional mailers and shippers by streamlining components with right-sized structures, and adding ample branding opportunities for brand owners. The product line sets a new standard in the direct-to-consumer experience, offering the following key advantages:

  • More marketing space for new opportunities to expand the brand impression.
  • Right-sized structures to enhance sustainability and reduce costs.
  • Durable print coatings to provide surface protection against scuffs and moisture.
  • Specialized materials to protect your product inside and allow for bright, full-color graphics.
  • Expertly engineered configurations for increased security and product protection.
  • Available exterior patterns to hide shipping residue and offer a unique branding experience.

“Through the increased marketing space and unique structures offered through MSHN Packaging, we’re creating new opportunities for brands to connect with their customers on a deeper level,” said Amy Schmidt, VP of Sales at Nosco. “As we enter this exciting new era, we look forward to seeing more than the standard corrugate box on our doorsteps. It’s something we are truly excited about.”

Ready to take your packaging to the next level? Let’s work together to promote your mission with MSHN Packaging. For more information about MSHN Packaging or to request samples, visit:


Nosco is a full-service packaging solutions provider serving over 400+ customers in the healthcare space. With more than 115 years of experience, Nosco brings together business resources and technical expertise to better understand packaging challenges and deliver customized solutions. The company focuses on service to help continuously improve efficiencies related to supply chain, cycle times, lean initiatives and product launches.


Nosco is a subsidiary of Holden Industries, Inc., and is 100% employee owned. The company employs 650+ employee owners, and specializes in printed packaging for the pharmaceutical, natural health, personal care and CPG markets with four core product lines: cartons, labels, inserts and flexible packaging.