Every day, Nosco strives to make your packaging successful, but our work doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly looking for new capabilities to enhance our current portfolio, and ultimately, your packaging. Here is a lookat what we’ve been working on.


hot stamping with in-line embossing

What used to be a complex, multi-step process is now a streamlined collection of in-line capabilities thanks to Nosco’s operations and solutions engineering departments. The
two teamed up to develop a hybrid process, allowing for hot stamping and embossing to be accomplished in-line in the following ways:
  • Embossing / debossing and die cutting in a single pass with the proper design considerations.
  • Embossing and foil stamping in a single pass with the option to diecut in the second pass.
Through the aforementioned capabilities, we now have the ability to add foil decoration
to virtually any carton style digitally and conventionally. Because of this, our customers
can expand into premium and luxury materials with textured surfaces and varying finishes, to supplement standardized SBS paperboard.
“The reason we’re able to provide this capability is because of our zero-tolerance policy. This ensures every stamped piece is perfectly aligned with every embossed piece,” said Dawn Kempf, Nosco Applications Engineer. “Customers can enhance their brand image with multi-level embossing and stamping to create height, dimension and more textured effects than ever before.”

serialization and vision systems

Nosco continues its leadership of vision technology, teaming up with long-term partner, PCI, to implement a new vision system on its folder / gluer. This is a fail-safe in addition to its current robust front-end processes. “In our current process, there is a vision
system on press. The addition of a vision system to our current folder / gluer will serve
as a double-check,” said John McKeough, VP of Nosco Operations.
Through this addition, Nosco customers will benefit from a 200% verification of serialized barcodes on cartons to eliminate duplications. The system will then provide a registry of all serialized cartons produced for ease of use in track and trace  applications. In addition to its serialization benefits, the new vision system provides automated color management.
Want to learn more about Nosco’s expanded capabilities? Have a capability you would like us to test? Contact our solutions engineering team today!
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