This release was featured on on February 28, 2019.

U.S. converter Nosco, a subsidiary of Holden Industries, has installed an Eagle Systems Cold Foil in-line with its 8-color Komori press at its Bridgeview production facility.

Founded in 1906, Nosco is a provider of printed packaging for the healthcare industry, putting an emphasis on service to the natural health, pharmaceutical and personal care markets. The company operates six plants across the country, with nearly 700 employees and in excess of $100 million USD in annual revenue.

Nosco chose Eagle Systems Cold Foil and brought its foil applications back in-house last October. Previously, all of the company’s foil work was done using the hot foil method, and was outsourced. Bringing cold foiling in-house immediately allowed for faster turnaround times, as well as even more stringent quality control advantages for clients.
Craig Curran, president of Nosco, said: "We have a long history and reputation in the healthcare industry, and we are well known for our innovation. Having the Eagle Systems Cold Foil is already helping reduce cycle times for our clients and, being able to manage the entire process internally, has been a significant benefit."
The company is still in the process of bringing its hot foil jobs in-house, with Curran noting that the choice of systems was driven by the need to replicate current projects with the look and feel hot foil. "Our customers didn’t want to see a big difference between the two methods," he said. "We found the quality of Eagle Systems was best in terms of matching those jobs."
"We believe Eagle Systems offers the greatest value," noted John McKeough, senior VP of operations at Nosco. "We evaluated the ease of set-up and the end quality, and we were convinced after the trial that Eagle Systems was the one that could replicate our product while streamlining our process."
"Eagle Systems did a great job getting us up and running quickly," added Curran. "I would give Eagle good marks for developing a plan for the installation, training and getting started. We were fully up and running by early November."

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