Time Matters: A Mission in the Fight Against COVID-19

June 11, 2020

At Nosco, we recognize that your time matters, even more so in the fight against COVID-19. That is why our teams are working around the clock to support various relief efforts and give first priority to printed packaging related to life-saving products.

Here’s how our team made what seemed like an impossible mission, possible under our Time Matters promise. Let’s start the clock…

Nosco received a call from a longtime customer in the healthcare and diagnostics space. They were requesting multiple different labels, encompassing three sizes for various COVID-19 products – and they needed them shipped the following day. In true Nosco fashion, we accepted the challenge and agreed to help under our Time Matters promise.

After getting to work on the labels, we later received a call from the customer asking about the possibility of getting them out that night. We agreed to make it happen and our team went back to work on production.

Later that night, the labels were inspected, packed up and sent via special courier – a man in a car – who drove them hours away, directly to the customer. We got them out in less than 12 hours.


The next afternoon, as we anxiously awaited word of their arrival, we learned of another COVID-19-related label that needed to be produced with the same time restrictions. Having made quick work of the first challenge, we accepted the second, and once again, our team went back to work.

By 5 pm on day 2, the Nosco team received the new label artwork from the customer, and the job was processed and planned. Two hours later, a proof went out for customer approval before the team retired for the night.


After receiving approval overnight, a special team came to make plates, print and put the approved artwork through our Digicon. The labels then went through inspection, were packed up and left again via courier – another man in a car – straight to the customer.

By 1 pm, less than 24 hours after the second challenge was accepted, the additional labels were on the way to the customer.


Stop the clock! In two days and three hours’ time, Nosco successfully completed its Time Matters mission, many different labels, encompassing multiple sizes for various COVID-19 products.

Time Matters won again – this time in the fight against COVID-19.