Packaging in the Midst of COVID-19: Using Online Tools

June 16, 2020


Nosco is committed to helping its customers navigate the current and future impact of COVID-19 on printed packaging. Continue to follow this blog series as we navigate relevant topics in the space during this time of crisis.

This blog features insights from Nosco’s Director of Client Services, Sam Hargis, and Digital Customer Interaction Manager, Rob Davis.

Over the past few months, many aspects of our lives have turned digital – work, meetings, entertainment and even daily interactions. Everyone from small children to seasoned pros have moved aspects of their daily lives online, and with that comes an increased use of online tools.

At Nosco, this new reality is no different. Our teams have increasingly taken steps to learn new approaches to keep up with the current market climate and accelerate the business – virtually. The fact of the matter is: business environments will need to evolve and pivot moving forward, especially in the midst of COVID-19. In the packaging industry especially, we have to be prepared to be flexible and serve customers when, where and how they need, as demands change over time (day, time, season, etc.).

Here are some things Nosco is investing in to support customer needs as our business environments continue to evolve and change:

Online Ordering
  • Focused Online Stores
  • Standardized Product Stores
  • Digital Storefront for Reordering
  • Powerful Self-Service Storefronts
Online Information
  • NoscoLink Portal for Centralized Information
  • Ability to Provide Answers to Questions Instantly
  • Ability to Provide a High-Touch Service Model for Customers

In addition to this, Nosco’s client services team is working to integrate systems that enable them to better serve customers in response to COVID-19 and in the future. These integrations include:

  • Service and Systemic Follow-Up Performance Behind Transactions
  • Encouraging Repeat Transactions Using Automatic Processes to Ensure Accuracy, Reliability and Speed to Production

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