2019 Quality and Delivery Performance Results

March 06, 2020

2019 was another strong year of quality and delivery performance for Nosco. Here are the results for both quality (order acceptance as a percent of shipments) and delivery (on-time delivery as a percent of shipments).

All Nosco sites had high performance results that exceeded 98% of shipments accepted without a customer complaint in 2019. Topping the list was Nosco’s roll label product line – performing at a 99.72% acceptance rate.

2019 acceptance rates by plant:

  • Waukegan, Illinois: 98.08%
  • Gurnee, Illinois: 99.65%
  • Bridgeview, Illinois: 98.66%
  • Bristol, Pennsylvania: 99.62%
  • Carrollton, Texas: 99.64%
  • Lockport, New York: 99.08%

2019 acceptance rates by product line:

  • Folding Cartons: 98.60%
  • Roll Labels: 99.72%
  • Enclosures: 98.87%

Overall quality performance remains strong across all plants and product lines, with:

  • Many performing better than the world class performance benchmark of 99.0%.
  • All performing better than the general printing industry standard of 97.0%.

In 2020, Nosco will invest heavily in new equipment and automation initiatives to help eliminate human error from our processes. This effort should help improve customer complaint rates across all plants and product lines.

In 2019, all Nosco sites achieved an on-time delivery (OTD) rate above 95.0%, with the exception of the Waukegan, Illinois site. An OTD rate of 95.0% is the Oliver Wight “Class A” standard benchmark used by many organizations to represent business excellence and world class performance.

2019 OTD rates by plant:

  • Waukegan, Illinois: 94.7%
  • Gurnee, Illinois: 97.5%
  • Bridgeview, Illinois: 95.2%
  • Bristol, Pennsylvania: 96.4%
  • Carrollton, Texas: 96.9%
  • Lockport, New York: 96.5%

2019 OTD rates by product line:

  • Folding Cartons: 95.5%
  • Roll Labels: 97.8%
  • Enclosures: 93.2%

At the beginning of 2020, Nosco’s enclosure product line was challenged to meet delivery dates due to a surge in order volume. By utilizing available capacity at our Lockport, New York site, Nosco was able to better level-load our facility capacity to improve OTD in the second half of the year.

In line with this redundancy move, Nosco’s recent acquisition of the assets of Haapanen Brothers in January 2020 will add even more enclosure capacity to support customer delivery demands moving forward.