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Helping Brand Owners [Stand Out]


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It’s safe to say that the packaging space has been shaken up in more ways than one. The modification to our reality (or what we thought was reality) has forced us to think differently. And in our case, that means offering standard packaging to support your brand.

Packaging Ideas for Brand Owners
So, once your brainchild of a brand is created and you’ve met with your legal team on how to make your packaging compliant, it’s time to think about how to incorporate brand messaging. First and foremost – first impressions matter, in fact, the thumbs-up versus thumbs-down is made within seven seconds! So, there are three portions of the customer experience that should be covered: convenience, icons and aesthetics.

Why these three?

  • Convenience – Efficient and effective packaging helps the customer find, know and understand your brand quickly.
    • Think about how you could show your product through the packaging itself – add a cut-out window.


  • Icons / Imagery – Instantly recognizable symbols can trigger memories, feelings and emotions that reach a global audience.
    • Try embossing or debossing your logo and icon for a heightened customer experience that involves the sense of touch. Ask Nosco about soft-touch coatings for an added sensory experience.
  • Aesthetics – Your packaging look and vibe is what draws your customer in. Certain typography and colors exude a number of energies like elegance, delicateness, coolness, etc. – the possibilities are endless in this realm.
    • When adding colors to your packaging, ensure that your supplier has effective color-management capabilities to ensure brand consistency and cohesion (Hint: Nosco can!).

Happy packaging!