The Vitamin Shoppe, Inc., is a major multi-channel retailer and manufacturer of nutritional products, generating annual sales in excess of $1 billion. With more than 700 stores and two websites, the company sells more than 26,000 different products, from 400 of the top national brands as well as their own brand.

"We wanted to ensure that during the transition period when conventionally and digitally printed cartons were next to each other on the shelves that there was no difference between them, and that the look and feel was the same. Working with Nosco, the experience has been seamless."

– Michelle Jerred, Product Development Manager, The Vitamin Shoppe

Packaging Challenge

The Vitamin Shoppe was looking for an efficient way to change how their supply chain worked. They wanted to be able to order what they wanted when they wanted it without worrying about color consistency and print quality. They also wanted an easier and more cost effective way to handle copy changes.

Nosco Solution

We proposed transitioning their cartons to the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Carton Press to meet the Vitamin Shoppe's key criteria: a lower barrier to entry, lower minimum print runs and greater ease and speed in making changes to text and graphics.


  • Color consistency across multiple SKUs
  • Order flexibility
  • Shorter lead times
  • Products launched to market quicker
  • Reduced costs for set-up and copy changes