Serialization in Pharmaceutical Packaging

With comprehensive digital serialization options, you can count on Nosco to meet legislative, and track and trace serialization requirements.

Complying with Regulations


Track & Trace

Serialization in pharmaceutical packaging is the process of assigning unique markings on the packaging design of each product. It is essential to combat counterfeiting. Individual items, cases or pallets can be serialized by labeling for barcode scanning. Nosco solutions are cost-efficient and prevent companies from wasting resources on mistakes.

Utilize Nosco’s serialization team to help develop and implement integrated packaging solutions. Meet multiple country requirements, including the U.S., Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Korea and China, with Nosco’s extensive experience in serialized printed packaging. Our superior On-Demand Solution Center gives us the tools to provide unique codes printed by our HP Indigo 30000 press.


  • DQSA Compliant
  • High-Quality Barcodes
  • Global Compliance: GS1, HIBCC, EDMC/CFDA (China)
  • Unique Device Identifier (UDI)
  • Reduced Downtime on Packaging Lines
  • Item-Level Solutions


Serialization packaging benefits every level of the value chain, from production to distribution. By partnering with Nosco, pharmaceutical companies can help reduce fraud and keep consumers safe.

  • Improve patient safety. Inaccurate or fraudulent labeling puts patients at risk. From inaccurate dosing and ingredients, counterfeit pharmaceutical products cannot be trusted, and companies should do everything in their power to keep them off the market. Serialization packaging helps ensure pharmaceuticals are legally sourced and safe.
  • Reduce costs through increased efficiency. The digital printing process is quick and accurate, prioritizing optimal grading so serialization is easy to read and scan with inventory equipment. This saves time and money.
  • Enable supply chain visibility. Tracking inventory as it makes its way down the supply chain is the best approach to increase efficiencies and respond to demand.
  • Track pharmaceutical products/medical devices. Pharmaceuticals are among the most sensitive products on the market, and they should be treated as such. Comprehensive serialization improves accuracy and proper tracking.
  • Combat counterfeit products. The market for counterfeit pharmaceuticals is huge and unruly. It’s dangerous for the general public and enormously expensive for the industry.
  • Enhance inventory management. Tracking inventory within a facility is a heavy lift. It’s made much easier with enhanced digital serialization.
  • Link critical product data to the patient records. For privacy reasons, not all information can or should be physically printed on a product. Serialization allows you to have that information readily available to medical professionals with a quick scan.
  • Support regulatory compliance. Compliance standards are rigorous. Digital scanning offers the most effective way to keep within regulations and protect yourself.

Why Nosco Should Be Your Serialization Packaging Partner

By partnering with Nosco, companies gain the tools, knowledge, educational materials and strategies they need to stay compliant with changing regulations. We adhere to the highest standards in labeling so your packaging falls well within regulations and better serves your consumer base.

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