OrganiCare is a chemical and drug-free medication manufacturer that is powered by nature and proven by science. The company believes that all-natural and organic products not only work, but provide better healing.

Nosco recently worked with the team at OrganiCare to develop quality packaging for their all-natural, organic OTC product lines.


  • After launching several all-natural, organic OTC products in early 2018, OrganiCare experienced challenges with product tubes falling out of their folding cartons in the marketplace.


  • OrganiCare worked with Nosco’s Solutions Engineering team to design a carton with a kit partition and a secure closure for their product tubes.
  • The new carton design featured a tighter tuck panel to secure the lock between the flaps of the carton.
  • Through the use of digital and conventional print, Nosco was also able to accommodate OrganiCare’s go-to-market needs with quick and cost-effective runs. 


“We didn’t want our product to rattle or fall out of the box. Nosco found an elegant and functional solution for us,” said Chris Rodriguez, Quality Director for OrganiCare. “Their fast response, high quality and competitive pricing has now made Nosco our preferred packaging vendor.”