Nosco Adds In-Line Cold Foil at Bridgeview Facility

January 03, 2019
Nosco’s Bridgeview facility recently acquired an Eagle Cold Foil System, which is now installed on the company’s Komori 8-color press. This new technology will allow for in-line cold foil applications and 6-color printing in a single pass. The system creates brilliant foil effects that pop on a variety of products, substrates and materials.

Lithographic cold foiling is an in-line printing process performed on a sheet-fed offset press, allowing for a metallic foil to be positioned anywhere on a printed sheet. The system is capable of producing halftones, fine lines, reverse outs and full sheet coverages at some of the highest resolutions. Here’s how the cold foil process works:
• Adhesive is applied to the substrate using a standard printing plate with a cold foil image.
• Cold foil is fed through the blanket and impression cylinders of the press, where it sticks to the adhesive-defined areas.
• Foil is overprinted with ink and/or coatings to give a brilliant, shiny finish. Some of the key advantages of cold foil include:
• Faster make-readies and the elimination of outside services.
• Elimination of costly hot stamp dies.
• Runs at production press speeds.
• Overprinting for infinite color combinations.
• Foil is applied without impression marks.
• Ultra-fine detail to 175-line screen.
• True lithographic registration to printed copy.
• Cold foil system leaves the smallest possible environmental footprint without the need for dies.
• Lithographic cold foil is fully recyclable on all printed substrates.◊