How digital printing improves packaging campaigns

November 08, 2016

PH-Color-Management.pngPackaging solutions are often a strategic part of larger marketing campaigns. In addition, when companies update their formula or rebrand, a change in packaging design is sure to follow. Companies also go through seasonal campaigns where they update labels reflecting on holidays, sporting events or other weather-appropriate imagery. In the past, producing multiple version of packaging wasn't always a cost-effective option. Now, digital package printing technology allows companies to produce shorter runs of various designs at a lower cost, making it possible to generate more versions of packaging, whether it's labels or even folding cartons, to meet strategic campaign goals. Smart packaging design helps companies target their customers more effectively. 

Here are some things companies are doing with packaging campaigns:

Targeting specific customers

One way to approach a packaging strategy is to design products that appeal to specific segments. For example, Millennials are health-conscious and knowledgeable about nutrition. To make its packaging more attractive to this group, Juicy Juice added more imagery of fruit to demonstrate where its products come from. The design also features more muted colors to give the imagery a more healthful look. 

Another brand with an audience of young women is Kotex. The company understood that many young women are interested in functional packaging, and it partnered with Target to create Style n' Store cartons. The resulting packaging is bright and stylish. Once the products have been used, women are encouraged to repurpose the box for storage, Packaging Digest noted.

Clever tie ins

One more clever packaging approach is to team up with another organization to increase brand visibility. The most obvious example is the film industry. Brands often take advantage of current films in marketing partnerships. Some brands are lucky enough to have obvious connections they use in their favor. Barbosol shaving cream created a packaging campaign to coincide with the release of the movie "Jurassic World," according to a press release from the company. For those who don't remember the connection: A can of Barbasol was used to smuggle dinosaur embryos in Steven Spielberg's original 1993 film, "Jurassic Park." The brand created limited edition cans featuring Pteranodon and velociraptor images.

Getting personal

Many people may think of digital printing in terms of personalization tactics, such as printing first names. However, this technology also allows companies to simply target more effectively by using local sports teams, movie characters or other imagery to reach a specific audience. Companies can identify unique customer segments and design packaging to appeal to these groups, creating a more relevant experience for them.



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