Digital Printing Benefits for the Healthcare Industry

October 17, 2014

Digital Printing is particularly economical for the short- to mid-size runs specified for the majority of pharmaceutical products, animal healthcare products and medical devices. In fact, 91% of all prescription drug SKUs total less than 500,000 units annually. Further, as blockbusters are being replaced by “nichebusters,” Nosco expects the number of shorter print runs to increase.

With the ability to incorporate security features and serialization, Digital Printing also can help address challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry such as counterfeiting and product diversion, compliance with track-and-trace and pedigree regulations and initiatives, supply chain visibility and returns management.

Through the digital production platform, pharmaceutical packagers can order the precise number of labels or folding cartons needed and have them delivered exactly when they are required.

In short, digital technology reduces supply chain cost, complexity and cycle time. The quick turnaround on short to medium runs also can efficiently supply label and carton prototypes as well as packaging for test marketing and new product launches. Digital Printing is also ideal for cost-effectively producing foreign language packaging, which typically involves shorter runs.

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