Diet Coke Launches New Personalized Packaging Campaign

February 19, 2016


Coca-Cola has been at the forefront of the Personalized packaging craze for some time now, and the brand’s not slowing down. This time, the company is focusing on Diet Coke, with a campaign called “It’s Mine.”

For the initiative, Coca-Cola once again used HP Indigo digital printing technology, this time to make millions of labels. HP SmartStream Mosaic Software uses algorithms to enable companies to print completely unique labels. By integrating the software design plug-in with HP Indigo digital printing machines, brands can create nearly unlimited variations on one design.

The campaign will include 12-ounce glass bottles, and select designs will appear on other sizes as well, such as 7.5-ounce and 12-ounce cans. This event also marks the first time Diet Coke has sold its product in contoured glass bottles.

New approaches to personalization

When Coca-Cola pioneered Personalized packaging with its “Share a Coke” campaign, the brand printed 250 of the top first names for millennials and Gen Yers on its labels. Now, the brand is moving beyond the name as inspiration for personalization and into new territory.

Diet Coke created 36 base designs inspired by the beverage, including its bubbles and fizz and also its spirit, according to a press release from the brand. Using these base designs, Diet Coke harnessed HP’s technology to create millions of unique labels.

“IT’S MINE is about the pursuit of a Diet Coke fan’s ultimate object of desire: Diet Coke,” said Kate Sanatore, senior manager of integrated marketing communications at Coca-Cola North America. “These bottles make your favorite beverage even more special – every bottle is completely unique, which means a fan can now own a piece of the brand no one else in the world owns,” she added.

While the taste of Diet Coke may be consistent, each customer has a unique relationship with the brand, which is part of what this campaign will highlight. Rather than just plucking a bottle or can off the shelf, customers will have a chance to choose for themselves.

Other campaign elements

Diet Coke also partnered with celebrity stylist Brad Goreski to host a pop-up fashion house in New York City at the beginning of fashion week. Customers will be able to stop by for a “micro-styling” appointment and complete the look with a unique, colorful bottle of Diet Coke. The fashion tie-in is just another way to demonstrate that Diet Coke drinkers can express their individuality.

As with the “Share a Coke” campaign before it, social media will be a strong component to this project as well. Through March 31, customers can share an image of their new look for spring, along with their IT’S MINE bottle and the hashtag #ITSMINEsweepstakes. The grand prize? $10,000 worth of hand-picked clothing items from Goreski and a year’s supply of Diet Coke.

Personalized packaging campaigns are a smart and effective way for brands to engage audiences and demonstrate the unique importance of each customer.

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