Nosco Launches New Brand Enhancement Team

May 29, 2019

Have you heard the news? Nosco’s new Brand Enhancement Team is live! What is it? The Brand Enhancement Team is Nosco’s latest service offering in a long line of innovations. Through this product system innovation, we’re now able to bundle previously separate services via a formalized process and pair customers like you with a defined team of experts.


Nosco's Brand Enhancement Team (BET) combines our unique creative, marketing, packaging, structural engineering, prepress and printing expertise into a formalized process whereby we help  customers  like  you build successful, effective and process- capable packaging. Essentially, the team acts like a mini creative agency within Nosco, with one distinct difference. By applying marketing creativity and process expertise in packaging printing, we make the process more efficient and reframe Nosco as your strategic partner that strives to make your packaging successful.

As of late, many of our customers are putting more emphasis on brand launches, brand refreshes and new product  introductions. And Nosco has helped many of them with support in these areas through our Packaging Advisors, Solutions Engineers, and Marketing team throughout their efforts. One customer went so far as to say, “Nosco did more for our brand refresh than our traditional agency did.”

Building on those successes, “we have decided to formalize our approach by establishing a team and service to support our customers  in these three areas,” said Heather Nimmer, Nosco’s Director of Marketing. “The Nosco Brand Enhancement Team takes various things we have done for customers over the years and combines them into a complete service offering that is a key differentiator and sets Nosco apart from the competition.”

Overall, BET offers a print optimized approach to brand innovation and product launch that, by combining the creativity of an agency with the  packaging  and  printing  expertise  of a specialized printer all under one roof, eliminates time-wasting steps in the process and helps brands innovate their branded packaging.

The Brand Enhancement Team offers complete and à la carte solutions to fulfill customer needs for efficient brand launches, brand refreshes, and new product and market introductions.

 Services include:

  • Documenting brand and project needs
  • Marketing research and strategy
  • Creative exploration and design development
  • Production development
  • Print implementation
  • Outcome evaluation

Contact your Packaging Advisor to learn more!