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The multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company referenced below is an industry leader, providing innovative plasma derivative, blood banking and laboratory analysis services.  

Packaging Challenge

When a multi-billion dollar pharma company’s carton insert line fell short, they began manually inserting inserts with the help of a dispensing machine. However, they soon found issues with missing inserts, causing several customer complaints. To counteract the missing inserts, the company did 100% manual inspections on millions of cartons each year – utilizing excess time and money.

Nosco Solution

After learning of the situation, one of Nosco’s Packaging Advisors proactively reached out to company executives to address the challenge. He recommended Lit-a-Sure as a 1:1 solution.

The Advisor explained that Nosco’s standard Lit-a-Sure product was adjusted to accommodate the company’s varying carton and insert structures, and was later pre-attached to the inside of each carton.

“The company really appreciated that our in-process procedures were thorough and three-fold: the scanning of a barcode to ensure correct inserts, camera checks to confirm insert placement, and thermal camera checks to detect the presence of glue,” he said.


Immediately following the Lit-a-Sure implementation, the company benefited from:

  • Improved packaging line efficiencies without the need for manual inspections
    • 50+ SKUs were consolidated with this Lit-a-Sure project
  • Reduced labor costs and run times with double the production capacity
  • Ability to redeploy employees to other parts of the fulfillment process

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