A Great Place to Work

At Nosco, our teams are filled with engaged employee owners who believe working here provides them with the best work experience possible.


As you consider your next career move, you will want to work for a company focused on its employees, focused on you. Here is what you will find makes Nosco a great place to work:

  • We are a stable 115-year-old+ company with a firm foundation for success. Think: history with a modern touch.
  • We are 100% employee owned, which means you will have a stake in the action.
  • We are passionate about career development, and will help you grow because we care about you.
  • We are leading, even cutting-edge with innovation. We are always into something new and unique.
  • We serve the who’s who of customers, helping them stand out on the shelf. You will see your work at the store – for sure.
  • We reward and recognize those who contribute and make a mark in the company.


Did You Know?

Our first pharmaceutical customer signed with us in 1932 and is still with us today!

If all six Nosco sites were combined into a single location, that one site would be nearly 400,000 square feet, or the length of about 1,112 football fields.

We have invested over $25 million into our state-of-the-art equipment over the last five years.

There are over 600 permanent employees across all Nosco sites. On average, that's enough employees to run nine grocery stores full time!


Nosco's Senior Leadership Team


Craig Curran


Amy Schmidt
Vice President of Sales


Chris Verzal
Director of Solutions Engineering


Bill Weernink
Vice President of Operations


Dick Leach
Vice President of Quality


Lisa Thompson
Vice President of People Operations


Jim Struhar
Chief Financial Officer
Davis Rob Davis
Vice President of Marketing