Graminex is the exclusive grower and manufacturer of non-solvent Rye Grass Flower Pollen ExtractTM and a leader in the international dietary supplement industry.

Packaging Challenge

Graminex was having issues managing their art files between multiple vendors. Changes to their artwork took days to complete, they were only receiving scans of their art files and the art house they were using didn’t understand FDA guidelines. They were looking for an easier and quicker process for their art files.

Nosco Solution

Transfer all art files to Nosco's ArtFlo service to be reviewed and managed.


  • Nosco’s ArtFlo service took all of the scanned art files and recreated them into working files.
  • Graminex is now able to make any revisions to their art files by emailing or calling Nosco’s ArtFlo Team.
  • Graminex receives all art revisions in 24hrs or less of their request.
  • Graminex’s overall cycle time drastically improved.

"Nosco's ArtFlo Team was always accessible to us at any time...we got immediate responses to all of our file prep needs, which saved us time and money."

- Heather May, COO