Employee Ownership

Work with an entire spectrum of dedicated professionals
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Nosco is a subsidiary of Holden Industries, Inc., which is a 100% employee-owned company. This means that virtually all of our employees “own” the business and therefore have a vested interest in creating extremely satisfied customers. Some other benefits are:

  • “Owners” think long term. They care about their customer’s needs and the company’s reputation. They can be found “leaning in” and asking “How can we help?”
  • Our “culture of ownership” supports a committed “best in class” focus on innovation, service, quality & cycle times.
  • A commitment to the continuity of supply and in a long-term partnership - we are here to stay and have operated under consistent corporate ownership and management for over 20 years.

Employee stock ownership program

An Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) like Nosco's parent, fosters better employee morale and helps attract and retain talent through ownership. Almost unknown until 1974, as of 2015, the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) estimates there are around 7,000 ESOP’s with roughly 13.5 million employees in North America. According to NCEO, Nosco’s parent is one of the top 100 ESOP’s in North America.


Encompass_Community-Complete_Logo.jpg Making a Difference

Alongside Holden Industries, we believe that corporate social responsibility is a continued commitment and sense of responsibility for our actions (socially, ethically and environmentally) in the communities in which we operate.

In 2014, Holden started a year-round giving campaign — "Encompass Community Employee Owners Helping Others and Making a Difference" — as a means to give back to our local communities, which have supported our growth and success over the years.

In addition to our established quarterly giving campaigns, Employee Owners at each location have rallied around their local communities and voluntarily hosted charitable events to address current needs.


Social responsibility

Nosco is committed to being an ever-improving contributor to saving our planet's resources. We have initiatives in place to sustainability operate all of our facilities and processes. Here's a look at just a few of our company-wide social responsibility efforts:

  • Employee-based Green Team institutes recycling programs in all facilities to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Recycling of our post-production refuse (printing plates, electronics, solvents, wood, plastic, paper, steel and batteries.
  • Research and implementation of products with minimal VOCs, such as UV ink.
  • Partnership with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative through our certified fiber sourcing certification.

Learn more about our social responsibility efforts here.


Holden Industries, inc.

Headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, Holden is the parent organization of a group of diversified manufacturing companies dedicated to profitable growth through capital-efficient reinvestment and strategic acquisitions. Their business units are leaders in their markets as they provide precision-engineered non-consumer products worldwide.