Carded Packaging

Your products are meant to be seen! 
We offer functional and attractive ways to protect, display and promote your products through a variety of carded packaging. 

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Carded packaging maximizes product display area, while maintaining an ultra-tough enclosure. To do so, we combine printed cards with various blistered plastics and films to create tamper-proof seals that safeguard contents.


Choose from these carded packaging options for complete product visibility and protection:

  • StretchPak: Thin-gauge film stretched over product and sealed between paperboard cards. Learn more here.

  • Blister Cards & Lidding: Metallized films for push-through or peel-open functionality. Learn more here.

  • Trap Seal Blister Pack: Rigid plastic blister trapped and sealed between paperboard cards.

  • Face Seal Blister Pack: Front rigid plastic component sealed to single paperboard card.

  • Clamshell Insert Card: Single paperboard card for insertion into molded clamshell product.



Aside from its ability to showcase products in a unique and effective manner, carded packaging provides:

    • Ample Copy Space
    • Branding / Promo Opportunities
    • Multiple Design Configurations
    • Tamper Resistance
    • Versatile Construction for
      Decorative Enhancements

Additionally, carded packaging can be utilized in a variety of applications, such as regimen packs, sample products, club store displays and pegged/convenience displays.

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