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Social Responsibility at Nosco


In recent months, some customers have inquired about what sustainability looks like at Nosco’s six sites. As such, our teams worked diligently to outline what we are doing as an organization in terms of social responsibility and how it impacts our overall customer experience.

Nosco is committed to being an ever-improving contributor to saving our planet’s resources. For this reason, we have initiatives in place in order to best operate all of our facilities and processes in a sustainable manner.

Here's a look at some of our efforts:

  • Employee-based recycling programs to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Lean manufacturing strategies that focus on improving production and reducing waste.
  • Use of the latest energy-saving technologies on our equipment.
  • Partnerships with mills and converters that support sustainable practices.
  • Continuous research and implementation of products with minimal VOCs, such as UV ink.

In addition to the efforts outlined above, Nosco is proud to help protect the environment and reduce waste through our partnership with HP Indigo. Through HP Indigo Digital Print, we are able to offer customers short to medium runs that save time, costs and materials.

This initiative is made possible through:

  • HP Indigo's presses, built with Design for Environment (DfE) strategy, and have on-board solvent recapture systems to dispose of emissions.
  • HP Electroinks that are free from hazardous air pollutants.
  • The ability to eliminate the need for secondary packaging through FlexPack.
To learn more about Nosco's social responsibility and sustainability efforts, visit: