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Resealable Flexible Packaging and the Impact on Natural Health Products


The market for natural health products is booming. As such, the need for packaging solutions that address the concerns of loyal customers (like convenience and freshness) is also on the rise.

Natural health products are often made with the simplest, freshest ingredients – manufactured without preservatives or other additives. Because of this, it is important that these products are not only easy to use, but that they will also remain fresh long enough for consumers to reap their benefits. For these reasons, resealable packaging for natural health products is on the minds of many manufacturers serving the market.

Some of the top benefits of resealable flexible packaging include:

  • Convenience — For protein powders and other supplements, one of the biggest advantages of resealable natural health product packaging is its convenience, especially compared to traditional cartons and jars. Zipper enclosures enable users to open and close on-the-go packs quickly and easily. Plus, the flexible nature of a pouch means the package can slip into even the most crowded backpack, pantry or gym bag.
  • Freshness — Since resealable flexible packaging has the ability to be opened and closed multiple times, it also has the potential to extend the freshness of natural health products, including powdered supplements and snacks. This gives consumers certainty that their products remain fresh for as long as it takes to use or consume. What’s more, the materials used in flexible packaging can help keep products stable on store shelves longer than other varieties – making store stock viable for longer periods of time.
  • Safety — Although resealable flexible packaging is convenient, it sometimes comes with a challenge: child safety. Fortunately, many zip-enclosure options now include measures to prevent children from opening and consuming supplements that could harm them. From pressure-point sliding releases to multi-point tabbed closures, there’s a solution available for nearly every application.

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