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Packaging Considerations for Dietary Supplements


Naturally, a lot of thought goes into product packaging of any kind. Yet with dietary supplement packaging, your target consumer is especially attentive to detail. From color to texture, your packaging tells an important story — one that can make the difference between jumping off the shelf and being an afterthought.

Here are three considerations when leveraging food supplement packaging as part of your marketing strategy. 

1.The shelf is a crucial platform. Like an in-store billboard, shelf placement puts your product directly in front of the consumer. Not taking advantage of that is a missed opportunity. For that reason, nutritional supplement packaging should be top of mind. It’s important to present your supplement as both legitimate and appealing. What’s more, you must be aware of the competing products that will be just inches from yours. How do you catch the consumer’s eye in a barrage of similar dietary supplements?

2.You have a lot of possibilities. You’re not limited to a standard template for dietary supplements. You have options for container style, label design, colors — you name it, you can customize it. Take color, for example. You know that when walking down the dietary supplements aisle, you’re entering a sea of green and orange containers. While it can be good for your brand, take advantage of that immediate product recognition, maybe it’s to your benefit to go in another direction with a more jarring color. What’s more, you’re not limited by container. Choose from bottles, boxes, single-dose packaging, strips — each serves a different marketing purpose.

Think about designs that have made you pause for a second look. That brief moment is often all it takes to edge out the competition. As you’re in the design phase with your dietary supplement packaging design team, take stock of all of the options available to you. Remember, even the smallest detail can make a difference. 

3. Be mindful of mistakes. A common misconception is that dietary supplements have lower standards than pharmaceutical and OTC medications. While the criteria for each category is different, standards for accuracy are equally important. From dosing to ingredients, you must be absolutely sure that your packaging accurately reflects its contents. Consumers are increasingly aware of what they consider to be false advertising — intentional or not — and that can ruin a brand. Work with a packaging company that understands the gravity of getting it right every time.

Why Nosco Is Your Best Bet 

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