Multi-Panel Labels

Do you need more copy space but don't want to significantly disrupt your current operations with a large-scale packaging redesign? Multi-panel labels provide companies a way to extend their copy space without significantly changing packaging line operations, while maintaining the initial footprint of the label.

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Multi-Panel Labels

These extended labels provide companies a way to extend their copy without significantly changing packaging line operations. In addition, using multi-panel or extended labels allows businesses to increase the space for copy without altering the initial footprint of the label. In other words, implementing multi-panel labels allows brands to add more copy without increasing the size of the package or the label.


  • Portfolio of proven standard designs as well as custom engineered solutions
  • Additional copy space from 2-panel to 36-page center seam booklet or leaflet
  • Includes re-sealable, removable, tamper evident, peel offs, coupons, variable data & other unique features
  • Film & paper constructions available


  • First in North America with high-speed attaching for cost effectiveness
  • New customer solutions for 1:1 applications 

Performance Enhancing

We have expertise in packaging line services to optimize label application performance and a 99.3% complaint-free product. Nosco provides vision inspection to assure the highest quality and product integrity. We offer multiple languages combined into a single piece to reduce changeovers and purchasing/invoicing transactions. 

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