Increase your brand awareness and meet labeling requirements with 100 percent vision inspection for total quality assurance for your pharmaceutical labels.

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Label Printing

Nosco has a variety of printing processes to help meet your specific needs for quick-turn, high-quality graphics, inks and more. Our printing capabilities produce multi-color, pressure-sensitive labels on a wide range of materials, including paper, white and clear films, and foils.


  • Laminations: For a durable, waterproof labeling solution, laminations are a great choice. Whether they’re placed on bags, stick packs, sachets or disposables, these labels feature a plastic layer that is bonded on top of your printed information.
  • Hot or Cold Foil Stamping: Foil-stamped labels can make products stand out a little more in the marketplace with glossy, attention-grabbing print. This pharmaceutical label design option is not only more decorative, but it also communicates a sense of quality.
  • Industry-Specific Labels: Particularly in healthcare, understanding industry-specific regulations is a must. Nosco offers pharma labels that are in line with the latest standards and meet inspection and quality control.
  • Syringe Labels: Placed directly on the dispensing agent, syringe labels communicate vital information about patients and medications. Nosco creates reliable and clearly identifiable labels to protect patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Multi-Panel LabelsMaximize copy space with multi-panel labels – a smart solution that involves a hinged or unhinged design. With Nosco’s custom pharmaceutical labels, you can fit more content on the same size product, whether it’s nutritional information, regulatory guidelines, company specifics or additional product details.
  • Security Labels: The purpose of security labels is to prevent counterfeiting and product tampering, as well as protect patients and healthcare providers. Nosco offers a comprehensive range of these products.
  • Tamper-Evident Seals: Tamper-evident seals clearly indicate when a product has been compromised, creating a warning for anyone who comes in contact with them.
  • Braille: Designed to communicate vital information to blind patients, our Braille labels meet the requirements of the U.S. Access Board’s Working Group on Accessible Prescription Labels.
  • Cryogenic: When products will be exposed to freezing conditions, cryogenic labels are the best solution. Made to withstand refrigeration, exposure to liquid nitrogen, or ongoing freezing in ultra-low temperatures, these labels are resilient.

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