Customized Packaging Catches on in Pharmaceutical Industry

January 29, 2015

Personalization has been a key trend in a number of markets for some time. Personal Care and Natural Health markets are already looking for ways to more effectively target specific customer groups with packaging. However, over the next few years, pharmaceutical companies may start to employ customization techniques to better target their customers.

A new report from Report Buyer, "New Technologies that will Impact the Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry: Customization is the New Formula," found that significant changes in the Pharmaceutical industry could point the way to new packaging trends. For instance, as a whole, the Pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a transition from being supply driven to being demand and service driven. This means that manufacturing efficiency and responsiveness are going to play a greater role in future growth.

Digital Printing technology could see greater implementation as a result of these trends. Not only does Digital Printing allow just-in-time manufacturing that demand-driven industry requires, it also enables personalization and serialization of packaging.

Global markets

As packaging companies continue to expand globally, personalization and customization of packaging will become an important means of promoting a product in multiple markets, the report found. Companies are creating different versions of their packaging in various regions, and this trend is expected to continue into the future. This trend won't likely be limited to global companies. Even those operating in the U.S. can utilize personalization to more effectively reach regional markets.

Track and trace

Personalization by region and language isn't the only way to employ this type of technology. Digital Printing also enables data serialization, another trend that is quickly catching on globally. Track and trace is expected to rise around the world. Of course, within the U.S., with the passage of the Drug Quality and Safety Act, ill soon be required that all pharmaceutical packaging carries track and trace elements so that items can be traced through the supply chain.

The impact of personalized medicine

It's only natural that customizing packaging for specific individuals or groups would become more prevalent given how the pharmaceutical environment has changed.

Personalized packaging especially makes sense given the trend toward personalized medicine. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there has been a greater move toward personalized medicine, which means tailoring medical treatment to unique needs.

People face unique medical conditions, and a one-size-fits-all approach isn't always effective. In the same regard, end-users have unique needs when it comes to packaging, whether it's specific regional language, government regulations or something else entirely.

In a world where personalization is possible, not only for unique drugs, but also for packaging, it just makes sense that businesses in the Pharmaceutical market will start to get on board. Customized packaging has uses in many different markets, Pharmaceutical included.

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