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Nosco Launches The World's First Personalized Packaging Supergroup


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Nosco is now providing an end-to-end solution for personalized/customized products and packaging through the launch of our new brand, Sonder!

How digital printing improves packaging campaigns


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Packaging solutions are often a strategic part of larger marketing campaigns. In addition, when companies update their formula or rebrand, a change in packaging design is sure to follow. Companies also go through seasonal campaigns where they update labels reflecting on holidays, sporting events or other weather-appropriate imagery. In the past, producing multiple version of packaging wasn't always a cost-effective option. Now, digital package printing technology allows companies to produce shorter runs of various designs at a lower cost, making it possible to generate more versions of packaging, whether it's labels or even folding cartons, to meet strategic campaign goals. Smart packaging design helps companies target their customers more effectively. 

Here are some things companies are doing with packaging campaigns:

What's ahead in packaging design?


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For brands to create the most appealing Custom Packaging, they must stay on top of future trends. Seeing what lies around the corner means companies can stay ahead of the competition and demonstrate their thought leadership. Fortunately, branding experts have already done some of that forecasting and came up with a few predictions about what will be hot in the coming years. Read on to learn more about the packaging outlook and what's fueling it: