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Cannabis Packaging [How to Stand Out]


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It’s safe to say that the cannabis boom has shaken up the packaging space; financially, creatively, culturally, politically, you name it – it’s shaken and with good reason. This modification to our reality (or what we thought was reality) and our cultural eco-system has forced us to think differently in more ways than not. We are forced to think internally about ourselves, our views, where they came from and why. Wherever you lie on the cannabis spectrum, whether it’s in creative, advertising, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics or packaging, this exact point in time is something to be excited about!

A Look at Nosco's New 2018 Service Campaign: Time Matters


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Throughout the course of 2018 and beyond, Nosco will roll out a new service campaign titled “Time Matters.”

Why "Time Matters?" We know from our conversations with customers like you that when it comes down to it, time is what matters. It matters for launches, proofs, freight and many other areas on a daily basis. It is for this reason that we want to be your "partner in time," serving your organization in a way that matters, every day.  

2018 Packaging Trends at Work


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Personal beliefs and a collectivist culture will shape 2018’s top packaging trends, as many consumers are becoming more conscious of their own behaviors, according to market research company, Mintel. Because of this, brands are utilizing their packaging to help make connections – especially when it comes to connecting on a “green” level and conveying a brand message. Why? Mintel’s report states that consumers are beginning to better “understand the balance between their own health and that of the environment… demanding greener, healthier life solutions from brands.”