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Consumers no longer need Brands…Brands need consumers. The days of a single brand message impacting 100+ million consumers are over. Consumers now demand that brands engage them as individuals. Personalization is one of the tools brands should use to refresh their image and create an emotional connection to prevent consumers from switching to other brands. The value is putting something on the shelf that screams ‘I am as unique as you are!’ 

Millions of Unique Designs

HP SmartStream Mosaic enables automatic creation of millions of designs based on core patterns, offering fast turnaround of highly customized campaigns where every copy is different. With a high degree of automation and tight integration with the converting process, this award-winning design software is helping the world’s leading brands deliver one-of-a-kind packaging campaigns.


Customization on a global scale is the next frontier for brands. HP digital print offers the ability to quickly create and produce millions of unique designs.

- Doris Brown-McNally, Worldwide Brands Business Development Manager, HP

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