Multi-Panel Labels

Do you need more copy space but don't want to significantly disrupt your current operations with a large-scale packaging redesign? We have the broadest and newest portfolio of performance enhancing multi-panel labels in the industry. Multi-panel labels provide companies a way to extend their copy space without significantly changing packaging line operations, while maintaining the initial footprint of the label.

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  • Standard designs, as well as custom engineered solutions
    • Resealable (multi-use), removable, tamper evident, peel offs, variable data, single-use and other unique features
  • Additional copy space from 2 panels to 36 pages
  • Packaging line service expertise to optimize label application performance
  • Vision inspection to assure highest quality and product integrity



  • Speak in Multiple Languages
  • Offer Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs)
  • Create an Experience with Regimens, IFUs and “How-Tos”
  • Cross Promote

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