Yes, YOU can GROW at Nosco!

We place a high value on development of those who have demonstrated the desire and ability to learn and assume greater responsibility.


The Future is Bright at Nosco!

 Our employee owners are encouraged to speak directly with leadership to discuss areas of interest and the preparation needed for future growth. In fact, in 2019: 24 Employees Earned their Journeyman Certification, 31 Employees were Promoted, and 56 Employees Completed the First Phase of Nosco YOUniversity.

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New Employee Orientation—Gives new people an introduction to Nosco’s products and sites, employee ownership, expectations, and development opportunities.

Safety Training—Informs employees of our commitment to working safely and how to put it into action.

Ethics Training—Informs employees of the expectations of living out the principles of our robust ethics program, and challenges all of us how to live it out in our employee ownership environment.

Apprentice Training—Structured approach (typically 2 to 4 years) to assure trainees develop skills necessary to set up and operate complex assets, leading to Journeyman (skilled) certification. Includes review by mentor/trainer and value stream map (VSM) to verify competencies and regular pay adjustments based on progress.

Internal Job Postings—Informs employees of opportunities and requirements within the company, and most openings are posted.

Leadership Coaching—Mentoring  for select high-potential employees, using primarily informal quarterly sessions with a member of senior leadership, outside your current reporting relationship to help you grow in your careers, offer advice in challenging situations, and offer different perspectives on our business.

High-Potential Identification—Designate those who have demonstrated “above and beyond” capabilities for coaching and future career growth.

Career Planning Process—Managers and people operations work with employees to develop written approach to career development, may include key position goals and compensation targets.

Tuition Assistance—Employees who are studying a field closely related to Nosco work can receive financial help, ranging from individual courses to MBA, from accredited institutions. Approval is based on “investment” criteria.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Communications Team—Represents Nosco at Holden ESOP Committee, communicates and works with fellow employee-owners to understand how they can impact the ESOP.

Internal Audit Team—Participate in internal audits as an observer, an auditor, or a lead auditor. Spend time reviewing different areas of the company for compliance to our quality system. Provides a deeper level of understanding of Nosco’s quality system. 

Nosco YOUniversity—An in-house training program, using the resources of Biz Library, to provide a great overview of leadership, people, management, and other great topics. Best for present and future first-line leaders.

Succession Planning—Identifies possible candidates for future senior team, manager, and senior technical positions.

Intern and Entry Level Recruiting—Attracting college students and new graduates who may have the skills to join us and develop in the future.

Holden Leadership Academy—Provides high-potential employees an opportunity to develop business, finance and leadership skills – all while interfacing with Holden executives. This is done over a two-year period and incorporates seminars from the American Management Association.

Growth Within the Holden Family—As an employee-owned company, individuals have the opportunity to grow within their respective organizations, move within the Holden family, or even transfer to Holden's corporate headquarters!

American Management Association Training—Offers a variety of professional development seminars, and is part of the Holden Leadership Academy curriculum.

Job Shadowing—A new initiative that allows employees in good standing with a desire to grow, to have exposure to a potential career destination.  It could include observing a person who works in your desired area. This will be connected with job posting , but we have flexibility regarding how this works.

Yellow/Green Belt Training—A structured approach to the principles of lean/process Improvement, including completion of a lean project.

Safety Steering Team—Have a key role assuring we are providing a safe work environment, coaching your team on safe work practices, involvement in incident investigation.

People Operations Training for Leaders—An overview of the areas of people operations that deals with what leaders need to know: people development, problem solving, communications, corrective action, compensation, etc.

Backup Lead—A great way to “try out” leadership by filling in when Leads are out of the plant. This has been a bridge to leadership careers in operations.

Continuous Improvement Teams—Join one of teams that focuses on process and quality improvements, waste reduction, and other continuous improvement efforts.