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Consumers Hate Waste: How can packaging better accommodate them?


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When designing packaging, there are many important considerations. As the first interaction with the buyer, strong packaging design can bring in new customers, but a well-functioning package or a package that reflects other consumer interests has the power to turn first-time customers into long-term brand advocates.

Consumers like packaging that makes their lives easier, whether that means it fits into their consistently on-the-go schedule or helps them save money. As it turns out, one of customers' No.1 packaging complaints is packaging that creates waste. This finding could have serious implications for those in Personal Care, Consumer Goods, and other markets.

Most packaging prevents customers from getting every single last drop of product out, whether it's toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, or something else completely. A new survey from LiquiGlide found that consumers actively dislike this fact and will go to great lengths to get the remaining product out of a bottle. LiquiGlide surveyed more than 1,000 customers about their attitudes regarding waste and disposal of sticky consumer goods.

Here's what they found when they informed customers how much of their products remain trapped in the packaging:

  • 89 percent believe it's a huge waste
  • 85 percent think they're not getting what they paid for
  • 60 percent think they're wasting their money
  • 57 percent believe the manufacturer is swindling them

The survey also found that consumers will go to great lengths to get the most of the products they've purchased. Close to 70 percent will hesitate to open a new bottle if there's anything left in the previous one. Almost 50 percent will spend a few minutes attempting to get out the last few drops.

Why do customers hate waste? It's not just about money, although some customers even thought that wasted product could be costing them $50 or more each year. About 16 percent of consumers cited environmental concerns.

Finding a way to make packaging easier for consumers to deal with could increase brand loyalty. On the other hand, a significant number of consumers were more worried about environmental concerns than they were about value.

Customers want environmentally-friendly packaging

A great deal of innovation is based on consumers preferences. As consumers expressed a desire for more eco-friendly practices, businesses began to focus more on environmentally-friendly processes and materials in their packaging. Reducing waste is one way to increase value for consumers in addition to making the business more environmentally friendly.

Some companies have been solving this issue by creating refillable packaging, according to Smithers Pira. However, there are many ways of making packaging environmentally friendly, including redesigning packaging to use fewer materials or switching to digital printing, which reduces waste over traditional methods.

All in all, the survey demonstrates that packaging plays a significant role in consumers lives, and an emotional one. Catering to consumer needs has the potential to make a great impact on revenue.

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