Sustainable StretchPak

Featuring Nosco's Exclusive EcoClear Film™

As leading brands announce commitments towards plastic packaging reduction, initiatives are emerging across the industry centered around advancing sustainability. Catch the eye of your consumer with crystal clear and sustainable EcoClear Film™ for StretchPak.

Sustainable Features

  • Vinyl-free film that meets the demands of major retailers
  • Responsibly sourced paperboard that is certified through SFI®
  • Nosco® Grow label options, including water soluble and HDPE for curbside recycling

Business Solutions

  • Exclusive vinyl-free film supply agreement
  • Equivalent film performance means no changes to existing lines
  • Facility redundancy safeguards packaging production

Branding Opportunities

  • Crystal clear film enhances product appearance
  • Paperboard card provides increased marketing real estate
  • Versatile construction allows for multiple design configurations

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