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Nosco is Now Open for Flexible Packaging Business

Colin Tague

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Drumroll please… Nosco is now open for flexible packaging business!

In response to the market and numerous customer requests, we have installed a brand new HP Indigo 20000 press, as well as an impressive Karlville Pack Ready Laminator – all at our Carrollton, Texas plant. This makes Nosco the first in the United States to expand our HP Indigo fleet to support digital carton, label and flexible packaging products.

As the first in the United States to expand our fleet to this extent, we’ve gotten a lot of press as of late. But don’t worry – we will continue to support our customers with 1:1 custom solutions and industry-leading cycle times as we always have. Bonus: our flexible packaging product line will be no different – with lead times as low as 10-15 days after art approval.

The reasoning for this lightning fast delivery is due to our years of experience with cutting-edge digital print technologies. Our new asset removes the need for platemaking and extended make-ready times, while digital printing allows for flexible packaging jobs to be easily produced at lower quantities and higher SKUs.

Nosco is here to help your brand put the necessary pieces together to bring your flexible packaging project to life. The more pieces of the puzzle that we have to begin with… the closer we are to delivering the final product. So, what exactly do we need to get started? On top of normal packaging considerations like size, quantity and artwork, we often ask questions like these (among others):
  • What type of product is being packaged (wet vs. dry), and will a protective material be necessary?
  • Do you have a sample of your product?
  • Do you have a material spec and / or SDS for the product?
  • What is the weight, size and temperature of the product at the time of filling, use and shipment?
  • Will any special features, like a zipper, a gusset or tear notch, be required?
  • How will the package be filled?
  • Where will the package be filled?
  • Should the final product be delivered in roll form, or pre-made pouches, sachets or stick packs?

We understand that our new flexible packaging product line might be unfamiliar to some, so we’ve invested in organizing a team of flexible packaging experts to accommodate our customers’ new technical needs. Our “flexperts” meet daily to review and guide projects through Nosco’s production process, and have over 30 combined years in the industry. ◊

To request a complimentary test run for your product, or for more information, contact your Packaging Advisor or one of our FlexPerts directly:

FlexPack General Manager
FlexPack Solutions Engineer