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Nosco Honored with HP & Dscoop Inkspiration for Security


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Nosco is proud to announce its winning entry in the HP and Dscoop Inkspiration Awards for printed security features on Isagenix International's cartons, labels and multi-panel labels. Through this award, Nosco and Isagenix International are being showcased among the best work from organizations utilizing HP Indigo Digital Print Technology.

InkspirationAwardPhoto: Nosco's Certificate of Excellence from the HP and Dscoop Inkspiration Awards

The HP and Dscoop Inkspiration Awards were recently held at Dscoop Edge in Orlando, Florida. These awards work to showcase the best work from  HP  customers  –  celebrating  the   ways in  which  they  push  the  boundaries  of  what is possible in the digital print world. All in all, Nosco’s submission was recognized as the top security entry from a total of 75 finalists across 12 print categories during a live voting session.

Through the submission, Nosco highlighted various Isagenix  products  utilizing  serialized 2D data matrices and variable barcodes. These security features were put in place for track and trace capabilities during the company’s latest market launch in South Korea.

“We appreciate Nosco’s partnership and are glad to see the company recognized,” said Angela Gabriel, Isagenix’s Sr. Public Relations Specialist in response to the recognition.

Every year, over $1 billion worth of product   is diverted in the marketplace, impacting thousands of businesses. In fact, no matter the sales model, product diversion has the ability to cause channel erosion and lost sales.

To combat these issues, Isagenix and Nosco entered into a strategic partnership, allowing the two companies to continue their leadership in the market through:

  • The incorporation of multiple languages and serialization features
  • Digitally-printed packaging components
  • Strengthened product diversion efforts

Isagenix’s packaging components were printed utilizing the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Carton Press, and the HP Indigo 6600 Digital Label Press.